Jun 22, 2010

BAT Vintage Sale

Any of you people like vintage? Vintage fashion, that is, as opposed to wine or cars.

I ask because I've never considered myself a vintage-lovin' gal. To be honest with you, it's probably due to sizing. Those 1950s babes really knew how to cinch in a waist and keep their cup sizes below a DD. Of course sometimes it goes the other way too - ballooning 70s skirts or sack-like 80s dresses seem to add what looks like a Volkswagen Polo to my silhouette.

I think it's also due to effort. I'm a fairly slapdash dresser at the best of times, and vintage seems to require a real investment in time in order to pull it off properly. I do enjoy the work of Super Kawaii Mama, a Victorian vintage model and glamour expert - but tell you what, I get exhausted and a little bit intimidated just reading it. The woman always has perfectly co-ordinated vintage outfits, topped off with immaculate hair, makeup and accessories. Do you people know how HARD that is? If I've turned up to work with the buttons on my blouse done up I'm doing well. If I've combed my hair, I feel like I should be thrown some sort of parade.

Anyway, I've had cause to get a little bit excited about vintage recently, because the Brisbane Arts Theatre is holding a massive Vintage Clothing and Costume sale THIS SATURDAY 26 JUNE. This particular sale is going to be huge as the Wardrobe Department has to reduce its stock by approximately one-third - take my word for it, that's tonnes.

Photo by Al Caeiro
I've been helping to promote it, as it's a good opportunity to make some much-needed cash for the theatre (operating costs such as rates, electricity, insurance always kick us around), and gosh darn it I do love playing dress-ups. A few weeks back I invited myself along to a photoshoot of some of the frocks - and discovered perhaps why people get so keen on vintage:

Yeahhhhh, I'm totally buying this dress, battered and broken-zippered as it may be.

So! I encourage you to get along, and bring cash! 222 Petrie Terrace, from 9am. Prices start from $1, with top end stuff around the $80 to $100. That means there'll be LOTS OF BARGAINS. And a bargain never goes out of style.


  1. I initially intended on saying that I detest vintage. But, after seeing the photo of you in that dress, I have decided, albeit a bit reluctantly, that I like vintage quite a bit. I regret not being able to support your sale.

  2. I don't think guys would look anything but daggy dressed in vintage.
    You, however, make that dress look divine :)

  3. I shan't. But it's not every day you get to bust out 'shan't' in context so cheers for that. And looking way glam there GC.

  4. Huh. DD cup. Skiting much? (says the girl who needs kleenex to fill her A cups).

    Am also screamingly jealous of anyone who can get to the sale. I'm in stupid Melbourne.

    Don't talk to me. Just - don't talk to me. I'm going to the sulking corner now. Harumph.

  5. Catty, you can probably jog without getting black eyes. :)

    Thanks as always for comments guys - I'll be seeing Master A on Saturday, and will hopefully be doing some proper bloggy type writing soon (have many ideas but they're not crystallising for me at the mo. I blame tiredness).