Jul 10, 2010

Going Between

Brisbane has a new bridge! It goes from one side of the river to the other! Revolutionary!


  1. We've had those in Melbourne for years.

  2. Yay for Yaris central console speedo weirdness.

    And bridges, yeah, they're pretty good too.

  3. My favourite two lines:
    "Thats the most amazing dollar fifty I've ever spent."

    Also: I know the second guy to go over that bridge.

  4. whoops, i means expensive, not amazing.

  5. Barnes - You Melbournites are SO TRENDY. ;)

    Doc - Yeah, I actually really like the central console. It makes a reasonable amount of sense.

    Medway - Yeah, it was pretty amazing. Then we went back over it again. It was another expensive/amazing $1.50.

  6. Nah the central speedo just empowers back seat drivers. Don't ever travel with your parents, that'd be my tip. Then again you never seem to get even within 3km/h of the lower end of the speed limit anyway so you're probably sweet