Jul 25, 2010

Thigh July Near Miss

That was a near miss in Canberra. Thanks to Dan for the comic, and for saving me from myself.

It's funny, the whole not-eating-chocolate thing. Aside from one morning at work where I was struck for about two minutes with an insatiable desire for a Peppermint Aero, I haven't particularly had strong cravings for it. Instead, I've found myself hankering for sweets I CAN have, but are slightly more inconvenient to arrange. Like Cream Brulee. I bought some ramekins on Friday night precisely so I could make Cream Brulee with a packet mix. I don't have a cook's flame torch, so I had to grill them. And it buggered up. The sides of the ramekins burnt, but the dessert itself failed to achieve a crispy top. Then I spilled one while putting them in the fridge to cool. CREAM BRULEE DOES NOT WANT ME TO EAT IT.

I've also been looking for Ovalteenies in the shops. Ovalteenies, someone pointed out to me, aren't chocolate. They're malt. So I could have some. Hurrah! But can I find Ovalteenies? No! Racks and racks of share pack chocolates, peanut M&Ms cosying up to fun-size Milky Ways but Ovalteenies? NO!

Columbines! Columbines are toffees. Delicious creamy toffees. No chocolate there. But they're also mysteriously disappearing from the confectionery aisle. They seem to only be found in a Pascall's Pick 'n' Mix bag with a bunch of chocolate-covered eclairs AND THAT'S JUST TOO DANGEROUS.

But, three weeks in, I'm doing a lot better than I thought I would be. I know a few other people jumped on the Thigh July bandwagon; I'd be interested to see how they're travelling. I'm wondering whether to organise some sort of delicious breaking of the chocolate fast for Sunday - or to kick on through August and see if I could manage two months off the cacao.


  1. I've been steadily letting out my feelings all month for Cry July.

    I've been encouraging people to help support the economy during Buy July.

    I've been extolling the virtues of nature's most mysterious number for Pi July.

    Sorry, I'll stop now.

  2. Hey Stu, you're in luck. For me it's Bi July. *wink*

  3. Wish there was a month that rhymed with "exposure".

  4. Congratulations, and commiserations.

    The Swimming school the_weapon attends on Saturday has Ovalteenies. If Needed an airdrop can be arranged.

  5. I am working on "High" july. Toking up as I write....

  6. Well, my Thigh July partially failed. I gave up, not only chocolate but ICE-CREAM TOO! It was driving me nuts. My chocolate give-up failed when I ate a biscute, and no one told me it had chocolate in it.... Then to top it all off, a week after that, I had a drink which had, yep you guessed it, Ice-cream in it... However, even after those couple of hiccups, I am still on the challenge, adn it is still driving me nuts... I just hope to Chocolate God it pays off....


  7. Nat,
    Like you, I've only found myself with a true craving just once. That resulted in the purchase of that dodgy goji berri and almond trail mix. It was discarded to the waste basket two minutes after opening!
    However, last night I found myelf searching the supermarket shelves for.. wait for it... SPACE FOOD BARS! My god, I was nearly in tears when I couldn't find any! I consoled myself with jelly babies - the deluxe ones, dusted with icing sugar.
    I'm game to keep going through August if you to do it.
    Keep smiling. Mary

  8. It's a good thing you can't find Ovalteenies. They are as chocolate as coco pops - the malt in them merely accentuates the chocolate taste. Check the label!

    And when August rolls around, you'll find them in Coles with the curlywurlies, Pez, Chupa chups, Redskins, Mini M&M tubes, Pushpops and Kinder Surprise eggs. I should know. I'm an addict.


    Takes me right back to childhood. Except back then it didn't cost $3.75 for six measly little bars. I have the caramel ones. They're brilliant!

    Uh-oh, now I have a craving.

    Wondering about going through August. It IS Ekka time, which means a heavier presence than usual of chocolate, but still... it's a challenge...

    How 'bout we tweet closer to the 31st?!?

    And Anonymous - I'm totes sucking on a Redskin right now. Mmm, pinky.

    Wait... sucking on a Redskin... that might sound a bit rude...