Aug 10, 2010

Best Ekka Pun

On a cool but only slightly breezy evening, with crowds on the wane, and in the company of the The Wah, my brother and his girlfriend, the Ekka was actually very palatable. The Wah proved how well thousands of hours of first-person shooters can serve you, winning us two small stuffed toy dogs at "Honest Glen's" shooting duck emporium. My brother shouted us to strawberry sundaes. We watched the fireworks. We bought Bertie Beetle showbags. And we did my favourite thing - visiting the farm animal petting zoo.


  1. YES!! A truly groanworthy EKKA pun!

  2. I always loved going to get Bertie Beetle bags. It's a tradition that every Ekka visitor has to do. I feel for the children (and possibly grown-ups) who would weep in the streets of Side Show Alley who missed out on that glorious chocolately beetle of heaven known as Bertie. Unfortunately, I have ceased my visits to the Ekka in the past 3-4 years due to getting sick all the time... However, I can always persuade my friends to get me one, for there is no possible way you can miss this famous edible beetle.