Aug 3, 2010

The End of Thigh July

I'm quite surprised and proud of myself that I made it through the Thigh July No Chocolate Challenge. I was almost tempted to continue through August, but that seemed to bust the whole "July" narrative a bit. And I'm all about creating a satisfying ending. It wasn't about getting stuck into some chocolate, no.

It's interesting that it took me a few days into August to break the cacao fast - for some reason, I just felt it was wrong to eat chocolate. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I even bought a bar of Peppermint Aero on Monday, intending to eat it - but instead gave it away!

I don't know if I've actually learnt anything from the experiment, but I'm going to try to restrict my chocolate portions a bit more, and perhaps that's enough.

Now! I haven't eaten any Cheezels or Twisties yet in August, so I'm going to see how I go avoiding those for a month...


  1. Maybe you could celebrate 'Smaugust Board' and only eat from Sizzlers.

  2. You almost looked like a Chocolate Connoiseur when you were sniffing that chocolate.

    Good work! The Aero is still in one piece!

  3. Wouldn't Smaugust be the month when you only eat with Tolkien Dragons?