Sep 2, 2010

Girl Versus Dog

Greetings from Hong Kong! I can report the weather is fine yet hazy, with humidity so close you could grab its collars and give it a good slap in the face. If you're inclined to do those sorts of things, of course. Me? I'm not too bad with humidity. Apparently this makes me some sort of freak. Tell you what though - I'd rather be sweating than suffering through that horrid fluid-sucking feeling of a dry heat. Even if I did skull a 500ml Coke Light in about 13 seconds last night.

But I digress.

I wanted to spend some time this morning wandering the forested trails near Parkview, the sprawling apartment complex that houses the Hong Kong wing of the extended Clumsy clan. I thought it might be nice to take Dusky, their dog, a rather excitable labrador cross, with me.

Dusky, however, had other ideas. Obstinate, doggy ideas:

I guess it was over 30 degrees outside, and approaching midday. Maybe Dusky's the smart one.


  1. That's the most stubborn creature I've ever seen.

    *and then I just sit back and wait for someone to do the punchline*

  2. You know what they say about mad dogs and englishmen

  3. Why walk in that weather? Do they have pools in HK?? Silly pooch.