Sep 5, 2010

Hong Kong adventures

Just some videos I've taken around Hong Kong these past few days (hopefully for your amusement!):

A hair-brained adventure:

Next is Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, home of the one-star Michelin restaurant:

And finally, finding art down the back of the couch (almost):

I'll post more in-depth details about Hong Kong Felafel and my second #30before30 experience when I get back and can properly go through the photographs.


  1. OUTSTANDING fun to watch, though much less injuries than I would expect from the title of your blog.

  2. And all the children ran away,
    And all did cry "Beware!"
    And all did say "You must avoid",
    "Renoir under the stairs."

    (This comment is pretty silly, even by my standards.)

  3. They probably wouldn't even notice if they were stolen... Not that'd I'd do that of course *mysterious cough*...
    Those masterpeices created by such famous artists really do need to be put into some fantastic display where they will be a)viewed, and b) presented in the right way they should be.

  4. Really good value to watch. Just stumbled here somehow. Will be back to see how you're going.