Oct 13, 2010


It happened. And it's yet to unhappen, so I daresay it's permanent. At least for a year or four.

By my counting, I have achieved 24 #30before30 challenges by this date. I hope to get another three done on my birthday itself (yes, I guess I'm cheating). 18 have been published on Brisbane Times and here at girlclumsy.com; the rest will follow over coming days.

I'll reflect in greater detail on the project once it's "over", but suffice to say it's been a hard slog, an eye-opener, and a delight.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to help me out, give me advice and support, and of course read the articles themselves. A more complete thank you list will follow!

I'd like to make another plea for donations - if you have enjoyed the project and have a few spare dollars, why not make a contribution through my secure PayPal account? All proceeds will be split evenly between the Australian Red Cross and the Brisbane Arts Theatre. Thank you to those who have already donated - it really does mean a lot to me.

And so begins Decade Four on Earth... hope to take it for an almighty fun spin with you all.


  1. Happy Birthday Nat!.

  2. Hooray! A milestone! Well done, GC.

  3. Happy Birthday Nat. But reading from the sidelines again (don't know why I continue to lurk and de-lurk all the time)... needless to say, I've loved what you've turned this little idea into. Well done and here's to many more such zany, brainy and downright enjoyable adventures for you.

  4. All the best Nat for a great day! Really enjoyed all your #30 posts :)

  5. Happy Birthday, actually we might have to make and name a shot (and drink it too) to reflect and to say "Here's cheers" to our Nat!

    Congrats on the Big 30!

  6. Happy Birthday Nat!

    Seppo donation made. I hope the US dollars mixing in don't promote low self-esteem amongst the AUDs.


  7. Rhino - thank you so, so much. I was hoping for a donation on my birthday! I've really struggled with the charity angle on this one, as I'm trying to do something good but really feel bad about hassling people.

    Your donation just made my day.

    Thanks to all of you for your birthday good wishes. I hope you all have a lovely year ahead of you as well!