Nov 12, 2010

Remember November: El Maco Shaker Fries

There are any number of "for a limited time only" menu items at major fast food chains that could provide fodder for Remember November. Just last year McDonald's launched its "Lean Beef Burger", which supposedly tasted even more rubbery than a balloon full of Congolese condoms. It's now been relegated to the annals of fast food history, along with those absolutely revolting KFC Bowls - the ones where they threw mashed potato, gravy, popcorn chicken and who knows what else into a plastic container, then charged you $5.95 for the privilege of eating something that would actually become tastier when you threw it up.

Of course, I personally don't tend to indulge in these fast food fads (just give me the cheeseburger, man). But there was one, back in 1993, that I yearn for, even occasionally dream about. Silly? Perhaps. But then, I ask you to watch this commercial and NOT drool over the prospect of El Maco Shaker Fries:

Sure, OK, the ad is just a little bit completely racist. But to THIS gringo, Shaker Fries were the absolute star of the El Maco promotion. Take a little sachet of nacho-like seasoning, throw it into a bag with the fries, then shake like a Mexican mayoral candidate.

Oh, the deliciousness! Oh, the flavour! Oh, the preservatives and MSG!

My brother and I would ask for extra sachets everytime we went to the Golden Arches. We knew we were on a limited wicket, and eventually the covers would come out. Generally the staff were quite nice about it. Maybe we looked a bit bogan and they didn't want to ruin what was probably the most exciting part of our week. Whatever. We stockpiled well, and once El Maco ended, had a good two months' worth of sachet goodness to sustain us. Of course, once that was all gone, we became like desperate heroin addicts during flood season in the Golden Triangle. We tried making our own out of paprika and chicken salt. But it wasn't the same, it was never the same. To this day, my brother and I will remember the passing of El Maco Shaker Fries with a brief pause, solemn nod of the head and the shared, unspoken thought that maybe one day, one day - El Maco will ride again. ¡Vamanos!


  1. We also tried several combination, only to fail. Maybe because we only used legal ingredients. Food scientists are using their powers for good and evil at the same time...

  2. And after the feasts,you blood tests showed....what???
    The Ancient Man

  3. I miss Pepsi Blue. It looked like you could clean the toilet with it but it tasted of cinnamon. Eventually you could only get it at KFC and then it was gone.

    Now I truly know the meaning of feeling Pepsi blue *sigh*

  4. What about Clear Pepsi?? Looked like water, tasted like shit.

  5. I never knew.

    I must have missed these special promotions. Though I seem to recall some chiken burger thing that has some strangely named sauce that was availble for a limted time, but other than that.

    I would have thought the costs for a limited run would outweigh and commercial benifit. i just assumed these were trial menu items to determine if demand could sustain a permanant addition to the brand. In which case if you & your brother tried harder and ate more, dragged in friends lobbied your local member, taken a ceo hsotage it would be available on every menu still.

  6. All sounds like the Krusty Burger Ribwich. Only available for a limited time because the animal it was made from became extinct.

  7. I think the horse put me off on the ad...

  8. oh Maco shaker fries, my mouth has not tasted anything like it, those are the most delicious French fries that I have ever tasted seriously!