Apr 30, 2011

But This Worries Me

After the triumph of the SLEEVES, Kate Middleton - sorry, the Duchess of Cambridge - changed into this dress for the royal wedding reception at Buckingham Palace.

I guess it could be explained by the angle of the photo, and Kate - sorry, Her Royal Highness - was probably still wearing a tight bodice - but geez. Her waist seems awfully tiny, at least relative to her head. She's reasonably tall too - about my height. Just existing in about 20 kilograms less space.

I know, I know. It's a stupid brain pattern to get into.

All I know is when you look at a photo, and the fact that Camilla is in it worries you the least, something is amiss.

Also, I was a bit disappointed this secondary gown was strapless. At least Kate - sorry, Supreme Leader of the Universe - teamed it with a Fuzzy Bolero. Which, incidentally, is a fantastic name for a character in a blacksploitation film, if anybody happens to be making one.


  1. God Bless them both. They are a beautiful couple and I wish them the best of everything. I hope that the United States sees this union as a hope to our youth - that love really can exist and that honesty is the answer to a solid relationship.

  2. You are hilariously crazy!

    Don't be bummed by the teeny-tiny waist of the Duchess. The picture is at a strange angle and cuts about 1/4 of the dimensions of her waist. This is compounded by the tacky muumu Camilla elected to wear. I, too, found the strapless dress odd, but not as odd as the FB which would make a good character name. Although, I am not, nor do I know of anyone currently in production of a film that would benefit from such a name ; )