May 31, 2011

It's Not On

The Australian Christian Lobby cops a fair bit of flack from you left-wing, latte-sipping, climate-change-believing, greenie hippie types.

I mean, here they are, just pointing out some home truths like how Australia's becoming all Islamic and gay and stuff, and you internet blogging trendies just tsk-tsk over your Chateau de Rouge Plonk then go weep over a Cate Blanchett film.

I mean, it's enough to make decent, ordinary Australians want to pack up and move somewhere where there are just lots of rich white people who think like me.

Now the ACL has done something positive to PROTECT THE CHILDREN, and do they get a thank-you? No!

For those of you not aware, some Communist-sympathising insurgency group called the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities paid for a "safe sex" advertising campaign. It featured - gasp - two men, in a state of abnormal, freakish, deviant entanglement.

Sensitive eyes, beware:

Now, these men are... hommo-sexs-yewel.

In a media release, Australian Christian Lobby mouth(piece) Wendy Francis says these two men are "in an act of foreplay".

She's really hit the nail on the head there, hasn't she?

Such relaxed affection. Such affable intimacy.


Wendy should be congratulated, not criticised, for kicking up a stink and demanding distributor Adshel remove the offending posters from bus shelters around Brisbane.

Bus shelters aren't for promoting demonic lifestyle choices in close proximity to children. They're for waiting in, and for good, old-fashioned drunk bogan public urination.

And the thing that really gets me is that the do-gooders at the QAHC could stand to take a few lessons from the Bible if they are indeed serious about preventing irresponsible male-on-male "nuzzling":



  1. looks like people of any faith can be pretty offensive with their words when they get too extreme. =/ such a non-no.

  2. I say cheers to the advertisement.

  3. i really like your blog , a great example to follow , thought brisbane was great when i came over a few years back , enough brown - nosing xx

  4. Well done GC - another great piece. I finished it with a grin from ear to ear :D

  5. I'm always delighted to see positive images of homosexual relationships. The notion that we're moving forward culturally is great.

    I think the thing to remember here is that the Christian right are always complaining about sexuality displayed on billboards. Overtly sexualised ladies. Nude men being straddled. Giant Stiffy Spray bill boards. Artistic nudes of larger women. And in this case, a pair of loving gay men who are obviously about to engage in a sexual act because one of them has come prepared with a condom.

    (Hmm. That's a good tag line. "Come prepared, with a condom")

    Billboards are a form of advertising that are all but impossible to avoid and so they should conform to standards that we're comfortable showing to a four year old because when it comes down to it, it will be presented to them.

    You wouldn't screen an ad for safe sex during Hi-5 just because some of the dads watching were considering illicit intercourse with the hosts.

    If it were up to me all billboards would be removed. They're eye pollution, but it truly disappoints me that it is this one in particular that Adshell has caved in the pressure and had removed.

  6. Dan Beeston, that IS a good tagline.

    GC, thank you for your open heart and your wonderful team of supporters. Jesus wanted us to learn to love each other. Anything else just isn't Christian.

  7. Racist, homophobic & offensive.
    I have 1 question for you, what would Jesus do?
    Nice representation of the Christian faith.
    But I'm not casting any stones.

  8. You poor deluded individual. Wonder how many of your avid readers and followers are running off to public toilets or parks and engaging in these acts you find so offensive and then preaching from the palpit about sin! Just a parting comment! Historically it was unheard of for a Jew at the age of 33 to be single and unmarried, then add that the majority of Jesus's diciples were teenage boys or young men. Go figure? Blasphemy you may say! Take your poisonous views elsewhere! religion is like a penis they are great fun but you shouldn't whip it out and wave in around in public or try and shove it down people's throats!

  9. Um... I think GC's article is meant to be ironic.

  10. Wendy has done a great service for (to) the gay men of Brisbane.

    The ads on Bus stops would have gone largely un-noticed by everyone (including their target audience).

    Wendy has ensured the message has gone out to those who need to know (even if they got a little indignant in the process).

  11. To Anonymous...her sarcasm hand was raised way up in the air for this post. Go back and might find it is actually pretty brilliant.