Jun 11, 2011

BAT Winter Wardrobe Sale

The Brisbane Arts Theatre is holding another one of its massive Costume Department sales on Saturday 25 June. If you love vintage and retro fashion, op-shopping - or you're looking for costumes for work or play - write it in your diaries. It's going to be bargains galore.

The BAT Costume Department is one of my favourite places in the world. It's just so full of... stuff. Of course, that happens with the accumulation of years and creations and donations. It's the reason for the sale too - the department is going to be shifted into a smaller building at the theatre complex, so it needs to shed about one-third of its stock.

I've been up there snapping a few photos - both to capture the charm and anarchic disorder of the place, and to promote the sale. Hope you enjoy my little compilation video (and thanks to Robyn, Frances and Trevor for their help).

Saturday 25 June

8am to 2pm

Prices start from just ONE dollar.

Cash preferred but credit cards/Eftpos accepted.


  1. ohh I wish I was up there, my daughter would mad...mad I tell you, at that sale!!

  2. Is there a part two for these. How unfortunate i am to miss it.

  3. This is on every year isn't it? Same BAT time, same BAT channel... sorry I'll get me coat

  4. my daughter seriously wants to send you money to get her some stuff!!

  5. Hello, I wasn't blogged yesterday!

    I'm happy to perhaps help your daughter out with some purchases, if you want to arrange that. She'd have to send me the cash, tell me her size, and what kind of things she's into, then I could buy 1/2/many items for her.

    Email me (or she can!) - natalie at girlclumsy dot com

  6. ooooh thankyou so much, i just saw this...late..that's me.

    she really is going to killme..best I go into hiding....

    is this a once off sale?