Jun 24, 2011

Nice Beaver

Is fur still bad? If so, I'm going to hell - wrapped up nice and warm.

That's a genuine beaver fur wrap right there, my friends - the kind of dead animal that would make Priscilla Presley proud.

I had a fairly ordinary day yesterday; so it was wonderful to get to the Brisbane Arts Theatre in the evening and muck in ahead of our big Winter Wardrobe Sale tomorrow.

There are SO many costumes and vintage/retro clothes to be sold - and hats! Boxes and boxes of hats! I got told off for gasping too much at various beautiful items being tagged at just $5 or $10. I think I'm going to go a bit wild tomorrow.

At one point, the temptation became too great, and things deteriorated into what can only be described as a Pretty Woman-style dress-up montage. The furs got a good run.

Now is it wrong of me to admit that I quite... like... furs?

I had a beautiful beaver, and frankly, I couldn't stop stroking it.

I know it's terribly politically incorrect to say that. These days we shudder at the thought of little animals being bred just to die for fashion. Of course historically the wearing of dead animals was more a necessary barrier against the elements; but in the age of nylon and poly-cotton and lycra, we don't need it anymore. No more gore for us, thanks, we've got Gore-Tex.

But furs are just so... luxurious. So... olde-worlde, reminiscent of a bygone age of glamour. So... naughty. I find myself drawn to them. Drawn like a carefree beaver towards a baited trap.


So confess, ladies and gentlemen, as you ready your wallets for the assault on the BAT Winter Wardrobe Sale - what (suitable for work) things are you drawn to that you know you really shouldn't be?


  1. I didn't even know beaver fur could be used as coats! strange!

    I actually think animal fur is OK as long as it's not done on a ridiculous scale. I dunno, it just depends on the animal, whether it's endangered, bla bla.

  2. Ugh. I can't imagine wrapping myself in a the skin of a dead animal. I'd feel like a caveman.

  3. RS - neither did I! But the label says Beaver Furs, with a little picture of a beaver, so it must be so! :)

    Haven - exactly - it's become an unpleasant image, fur. But forget cavemen, just 50, 60, 70 years ago it was the opposite end of the social scale wearing furs - all the rich people!

    But I realise that when I wear leather shoes and leather jackets, I'm wearing the skin of a dead animal too. So I guess for me it was about realising I'd be a hypocrite if I dissed fur too much!

  4. I think vintage furs- which these fine examples undoubtedly are- are considered okay. Just stay awayfrom people with buckets of red paint.

    I had a bad fur experience once (it was a costume for a show and really old and manky and creeped me out) so I don't think I'll be buying any fur items tomorrow!

  5. So many double meanings...so many...

  6. My grand has a coyote fur stole that still has the head and paws on it. It's messed up.

  7. HATS!!! Say it ain't so! I may go nuts tomorrow.

  8. I like beavers too.

  9. Fur? In Australia? In QLD???? No. No no no no no. If you ignore the ethical questions, at least ask yourself the practical ones!