Oct 4, 2011


Last weekend saw ImproMafia stage its Off the Cuff Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

It was a tremendously successful three days, featuring six shows on Thursday and Friday, and culminating in the Theatresports National Championships on Saturday.

Our audiences grew remarkably across the three nights - we actually sold out the Saturday night show two days early and had numerous people chasing tickets!

In the end, comedy was the real winner. Also: Victoria.

Our interstate guests all reported having a great time, which is a credit to ImproMafia, and in particular, to the dedicated group of organisers pulling all the strings. I helped with marketing and publicity, and the large crowds really were a balm to the publicist's soul.

Most important though were the shows themselves - and all were a wonderful quality. It really was a showcase event. I was thrilled to be able to perform four times, plus co-host the Nationals with my good buddy Wade.

After the show, we had to go kill some supervillains.

I wanted to thank everyone who came along to the festival and made it such a success. Your support really was invaluable, and being able to entertain people is the reward for the hard slog of organising a major event. And thanks again to Kris Anderson, our wonderful musician, for letting me use his lovely photographs (given that I was too busy to remember to take any of my own).

I also wanted to apologise again for using my blog as my own private pimpdom. I promise I will restrain myself from blatant self-promotion for the next few months.

Oh, but one more thing?

Girl Clumsy lies.

Bring on 12 November, baby. Mama's got some more people to offend...


  1. Um, isn't that what blogs are for?

  2. that sounds interesting, I wish I would live there to go to all those plays and presentations you mention on your blog, but I live far away! :(