Oct 31, 2011

Free Willies

I'm not revealing their names yet; that will be a surprise for opening night.

But here they are, wandering wild along Petrie Terrace: two giant willy costumes.

Hopefully this video will make no sense - but give you a laugh and make you want to see How To Be A Man.


Meanwhile, ImproMafia is still in action - we've got the amazing 1940s mystery men show Fists of Fury coming up for three Sundays starting 6 November. It's got action, combat, over-sized comic book weapons - all for just $12 per show. You should totally check it out.

It's a busy time for me up at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, that's for sure! One day soon I'm hoping for a day off.


  1. I remember Fists of Fury. Doesn't mean that i loved it, but it's funny to watch it over after almost 20 years ;)