Dec 3, 2011

Three Weeks

It's been three weeks since I posted anything here. I can't remember a time when I left it so long; but the absence doesn't seem to have been noticed, or commented upon. It seems my regular appearance on social networks is enough for people. Over there, I am altogether too verbose. Over here, not enough.

It's been a busy three weeks with a few highs and a few lows. I've come here several times to try to write, each time I have sat, frustrated, unable to make a half-decent argument or summon up enough creativity to finish a piece. I don't know if this is writer's block, but certainly it is a writer's rut.

Hopefully all that's needed is a short post like this, just something to draw a new line in the sand. Then I can get back to the regularly scheduled self-deprecation and wildly speculative opinion pieces, and see if there still is some form of writer left in my brain.

But I'll leave with a quote from the new The Adventures of Tintin film, which I had the pleasure of seeing recently.

There's a scene where young Tintin, frustrated after chasing a lead that runs cold, dejectedly admits he's 'failed'. His companion, Captain Haddock (in my mind, the greatest brilliantly-flawed literary character since Falstaff), rounds on him, and in Andy Serkis' best Scottish brogue, tells him:

"Failed. There are plenty of others willing to call you a failure. A fool. A loser. Don't you ever say it of yourself. You send out the wrong signal, that is what people pick up. Don't you understand? You care about something, you fight for it. You hit a wall, you push through it."

Well said, Captain.


  1. In all honesty (and I am, if anything, honest) I really don't understand why you are so often so hard on yourself. I consider you admirably talented and enormously successful. I admire you. And, in a very real and tangible sense, I envy you.


    Buck up, little buckeroo. Move past whatever has you down and get on with the next project. At your stage of sentience there is no real meaning to the word "failure."

  2. How can we comment when there was no post to make comments on, unless you meant the previous post. Anyway I missed reading your musings.

    What are you talking about Paul Nicholas Boylan
    "noun an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: The campaign was a failure".

  3. I beg your pardon?

    "nork: A furious bout of anal sex, often without lube."

  4. Norks are a NSW slang term for a set of breasts.

    Poss. derived from the Norco brand butter factory which featured a cow with teats as its logo.

    Sir, I reprise my imperitive mood. More norks.

  5. Oh. Well, that is very different than I originally surmised, having nothing whatsoever to do with anal sex.

    Never mind. In all honesty, I have lost interest.

  6. I would've said it was 'more norgs', but I'm from Queensland so possibly some regional variations at play.