May 16, 2012

Flames and Ghosts

This weekend, I'll be performing in both Sydney AND Brisbane!

I'm heading to Sydney to be part of the Queensland team for the Theatresports Nationals competition on Saturday 19 May, at the massive Enmore Theatre.

Flanked by teammates Wade and Tom.

Wade initially suggested we name our team "Titanic", in honour of Queensland's "living treasure", Clive Palmer (if you hadn't heard, he plans to build a replica Titanic). I replied that perhaps it wasn't the best plan to name ourselves after one of history's most infamous disasters, it'd be like calling ourselves "Team Hindenburg".

"TEAM HINDENBURG! YES!" was the unanimous reply from Wade and Tom. So now we're named after an airship that went down in flames. It's such an obvious metaphor, surely we can't actually lose? Our costume theme has somehow morphed into slightly-fascist-steampunk, so at the very least we're going to damn well be the best dressed team on the night. Or else.

The Nationals is always an amazing show; super high energy and bucketloads of fun. If you're keen, you can book a last minute special ticket deal through the booking page here.

Wade and I then fly back on Sunday morning in time for ImproMafia's Sunday night show - Jorogumo: The Spider Woman.

Inspired by Japanese lore, fairytales and horror stories, this is going to be a fascinating night of improvisation. There'll be fox maidens and samurai and geishas and tragic love stories and demons and monsters and magic and all sorts of fun things. ImproMafia maintains playfulness and comedy in all our performances, because we always want our audience to come away with their funnybone tickled. But this show promises to have moments of light and shadow, and I think that will really delight patrons.

So if you're in Brisbane on Sunday 20 May, head up to the Brisbane Arts Theatre on Petrie Terrace. The show starts at 7:30pm, and tickets are only $12 at the door. You can also book tickets online.

As always, I'm incredibly grateful for all the support my creative endeavours receive; I hope to see you at a show!


  1. These would be shows to go see, if they were in Melbourne. You make me feel Melbourne is such a cultural wasteland.

  2. Fabulous night GC, you should boast a little, I had no idea how good you where.

    I took my 16 year old writer/daughter and she was hopelessly impressed