Aug 29, 2004

Harry Potter!

I forgot in my last post....we saw film crews all around Oxford when we were there on Thursday. Turns out they're shooting lots of ''Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'' there! So exciting. They use the Divinity School at Christ Church (one of the colleges) as the hospital wing in the films. When we were on our way punting there was a group of people gathered outside one of the entrances, and a whole lot of young actors came out! So get this people....I saw....

The kid who plays Seamus!

Yes, my brush with fame. I even took a photo as he got into a van. Didn't see Harry, Ron or Hermione though. Actually I was hoping for Alan Rickman to swagger out but no such luck!

Today has been Saturday and we spent it sleeping in, having a nice lunch, then shopping with Deb in Camden markets. Soooooooo much fun. Bought Bubby a T-Shirt - it even has a brand but I won't say because it won't be a surprise then. But it's NOT Von Dutch - they had rip offs in the market that were almost the same price as the actual brand! Bizarre.

Anyway, we're heading off soon to Twickenham. Hopefully we'll get some washing done before we go tomorrow!

Love to all, and Happy Birthday to Dad, who's birthday I did remember but too late to call home!

Love Nat.


  1. Wow, I'm jealous!! I hope they are still filming when I get up there. Did you know the Great Hall is modeled after the dining room at Christchurch in Oxford?

    -abigail (the american you met in ireland and saw again in rome :) )

  2. darling Im so Jealous (it deserves a capital) first Oxford now Camden ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGH Wanna Go Shopping.
    Ive only read two posts and I can see where you are arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggh

    love Chewie