Aug 30, 2004



Just a quick one to say we've arrived in Dublin (1991 European City of Culture). We've had a very Irish dinner of nachos and buffalo wings at ''The Alamo'', and will head back soon to our hotel - ''George Frederic Handel'' - named after the German composer. All very Irish. ;)

Maybe we'll see some shamrocks on the way home. There's certainly a lot of Guinness about1

Love Nats.


  1. From Mum and Dad

    Nats we dont know how to get our own username and password on Blogger...So we ack as anon... until we receive your bruising instructions...

    Signed "A Team"

  2. tell Greg the longer the Guiness settles the better it is 90sec is not enough and the Sisters of Murphy's is only an advertising gimmick they will not save his beer from falling over St James's Gate ARRRRGGGGH (Im getting over it)