Aug 17, 2004

Less than a week to go!

....and still so much to do!

We head off on Sunday. To state the obvious for a while - it's very exciting.

I have been buying stuff to take - new jeans, new bras ( strap those babies in, baby!), travel shampoo etc. Greg is using the very successful male method of preparing for an overseas trip - he's bought new socks. Two pairs, in fact. Apart from that, it's business as usual. Wouldn't want to get too excited.

What else has been happening? I've been making lots of earrings. I got really into it a few months back, faded out a bit, but the keenness has returned. I've bought more exy beads, but some of the designs I've come up with are really nice, if I do say so myself. When I come back I think I should look into a little market stall, or maybe a website business. There's all the legality involved in that which could be a big problem for me. I'm not that great with specifics, especially when they involve legalities, accounts, tax file numbers etc. Still, it would be nice to put MEOW designs on the map.

We had a great night at Trivia last night. Actually, we didn't do that well overall, but I managed to answer the $150 jackpot question. For those of you interested:

Q: In which film did Evil Kinevil play himself?
A: "Viva Kinevil!"

I know that otherwise useless piece of trivia because I remember Tony Martin talking about it on the radio many, many moons ago. Why I remembered - don't ask me. But hey, it was worth the brain space in the end! The group very nicely settled to let me have $100, and they took $50 for drinks next week. So I used most of that money to pay for some much needed waxing today!!! Ah, I am hairless. It's a great feeling. ;)

The Theatresports final was on tonight too. It's good to see the gang getting the numbers in - especially since they have to pay for the venue now, which sucks. In terms of playing, I really enjoyed my team (Go the Botox Posse - Dave, Liam and Louise) but I really want to improve my own skills. I want to do my own shows so I can explore other areas of improv. Short games common at TS can only go so far I think - for me, anyway.

The only other thing is I've been watching Simon Schama again. Lots. It's a guilty pleasure not many understand. But it's getting me more and more keen on the trip - so I'll have something to crap on about when we videotape our visits to the sights!

And thanks to Carol for being the first poster who left their name!

Cheers, Natalie.


  1. Just found the site, courtesy of your eggzellent directions. Nowt too much to comment on, yet, eggzept o say that Greg is obviously in form with his preps for your great Dacian (via Brittania) Adventure.

    Anyway,bon voyage. I won't say "Have Fun" because I KNOW you will!!


  2. Good Blog..

    Continue your good work.

  3. Hey, two comments! I feel loved.

    But I don't know who you are!!! I can't work out initials. ;)

    Cheers, Nat.