Aug 9, 2004

Photo Mark II

OK, so as soon as I wrote about the photo thing not working, I managed to get it working. Gosh darn it, I'm a genius. That just proves whining CAN get you places. ;)

So everyone enjoy my photo! See my in all my pasty-faced, frizzy-haired glory! Well, don't actually, because I'm yet to have any readers at all. So really, no one knows I exist! Spooky!!!


P.S. I actually did the photo post AFTER the Cats and Cars one. But due to wackiness with setting the time for each post, it looks like it was earlier. I imagine that might happen a bit. Some will be in local Brisbane time, or local UK time for that matter (when I go OS), and some will be standard American. It's suck an adventure!!

P.P.S. I saw TISM last night at the Arena. It was very cool, except a creepy old guy kept rubbing my butt (can't say if it was an accident), and the fact Greg and my ears are still ringing!

1 comment:

  1. OK, if you're going to follow the other blogging sheep, then I'm going to follow the pointless posters too (but without a sign-in because that's a very big step and my legs are short....)

    This is the obligatory supportive comment - I've added your blog to my links bar and will check it frequently during your trip to maintain my smooth green complexion :-) - Carol