Sep 11, 2004

I want to live in a Cardiff toilet.

This is the first net access I've had since Monday. We're now in Betws-y-coed in northern Wales, having travelled from Reading, past Stonehenge and Avebury, into Bath, across to Cardiff and through Wales - seeing many wondrous things along the way.

But there has been nothing so gob-smackingly amazing, nothing that so inspired the the ladies' toilets in the Wetherspoons on City Road in Cardiff.

Seriously people. These toilets were like the lost city of Atlantis. We'd just visited the Roman Baths in Bath earlier yesterday, and I tell you, these loos were more palatial!

We had dinner at Wetherspoons, which provides cheap meals in hundreds of pubs across the UK. A fairly run-of-the-mill trip to the bathroom took an eventful turn when I pushed through the doors. A large waiting room with comfy sofas welcomed me, and the bathroom itself was twice the length of Greg's flat, with a beautiful fountain marking the end of the passage. The toilets were located snugly within the walls, with sinks between each green-tiled walled-off cubicle. All it needed were rainforest sound effects.

Seriously, you could have a party in there. I told the waitrtsses they should advertise their amazing facilities. "Come in! If only for the Bogs!"might be one slogan.

Anyway, it's very late, and we have much to do tomorrow!

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  1. and now, by comparison you have to visit the worst toilet in scotland ala trainspotting, except that the building they were in now appears to be gone..... or cleaned

    the fiend
    best of luck