Sep 7, 2004



We've been having a lovely time here with Jacqui in Reading. Very relaxed and chilled out. Sunday we all drove to a nearby village called Sonning, where apparently a lot of famous people have houses (Billy Connolly and Scary Spice, or so we've been told!). We sat by the Thames and Ben, Ollie and Jax actually went fishing! Don't mention this to anyone, as I believe you're supposed to have a permit! ;) They caught a few little perch fish (perches? fishes? who knows!), but nothing huge.

I sat happily reading my English gossip mag. I love the mags here. They're just so much nastier. The other day on the plane I sneaked a peek at the article the guy next to me was reading. It was about Wayne Rooney, the young soccer prodigy who's just been signed to Man U., but has been in trouble for apparently seeing prostitutes a bit-too-frequently, if you know wot I mean, guv'nor. The article mentioned some of the tabloid headlines about him, including my favourite ''Rooney had 60 hookers on 18-month whore binge''.


Whore binge? Who goes on a whore binge? And do you have to PURGE, after you've been on a whore binge? Is Wayne Rooney some kind of sexual bulimic? Who knows? Anyway, the mags are full of stories about him and his penchant for the older ladies of the night, one of whom is apparently known as ''The Auld Slapper''. If only Australian politics was this nasty, I think a lot more people would be interested in the election!

Anyhoo, today Jax, Greg and I headed for Brighton, England's premier seaside resort for the posh. It's rather amusing to come all the way from Australia where I never go near a beach, to get to Brighton and go ''Whee! The ocean!!!''. But what's funnier is the fact that the beach is made of....pebbles. That's right, pebbles. Big rocks in fact - they hurt your feet!

We had fish and chips for lunch, and wandered across Brighton Pier, taking in a couple of rides. Greg and I went down a slide, built on the side of a mini lighthouse. All three of us went on the log ride. Luckily today was another sunny, warm day because we all got soaked!!! I also paid £3 to hook a bag containing a soft toy off a shelf. It was an easy prize, but I figured I could go the cheaper option of trying to throw balls into a milk churn, but I'd more than likely miss. So why not just buy the dang toy? We named it Brighton, and it's a blue and purple cross between a bear, a mouse, an anteater and a womble. Don't know whether I'll be able to bring him home though!!! ;)

Tomorow we're going to activate the heritage passes and start saving some money! We hope to visit Windsor Castle and maybe Eton. Greg and I will then leave on Wednesday and make for Bath, then a bit of Cornwall, then into Wales.

I'm sorry this post has been so long, but I'm taking advantage of the broadband connection here in Jax and Ben's house!

Love to all, Nats.


  1. Hey Nat,

    Alice here.

    Impromafia website is up, still working on most sections and awaiting content. Can be found at

    If you pass by Deb & Tom's place again can you pick me up an XL spontaneity shop tshirt? I will fix you up when you get back!

    Sounds like you're having lots of fun anyway!


  2. Buddy when do yu get to Herr Kenny's?


    Old Salt

  3. Just read your diary - did you get to see the Pavillion at Brighton? In a previous life it was "D" place amidst the Mods and Rockers. Ken and Edna were on line this evening (Thursday 7pm) and they hope the nice weather will last for your arrival. Did you get to Bath? Oz Embassy in Jacarta just been bombed. Take care. Lob u.mis and mollie.

  4. Hey Alice,

    Dóh! Deb and Tom actualy invited us to do a maestro show tonight or tomorrow in London, but we're in North Wales now and we can't get back! We hope to see them again before we return, but I can't guarantee you a shirt I'm afraid. I'll keep you posted!