Sep 15, 2004

Quick! Quick!

Hey guys,

I just paid a pound for about 10 minutes of net time. Dodgy!

Just letting you know we're in a small town called Kendal on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Don't ask how we came to be here!

Tomorrow we head a bit more west and into the lake district. Should be lovely.

Came today from York (or Jorvik in Viking!) - you should all go if you're ever in England. It's a gorgeous town.

Crap on more later, Nats.

1 comment:

  1. Yo, wad up nigga??

    Hey nats...can u buy me Von Dutch shit. Thats stuff is mad. You better be buying me shit or else I will bash you. I havent driven your car at all. Mum and dad have been so dont kick me in the nuts when u get home. its going in for the 1000km service soon. Gots some interesting news. Guess who i saw at "THE HAMO" (say it like a bogan drunk on bundy rum) tonight whilst I was working. Do u remember your old mate from school. That drama dick that i didnt like. Was it mr patterson? yeah him...ha ha ha what a LOSER still looks the same...and he was there with some pretty young looking chick..ha ha ha i didnt say anything. just though it was pretty fucking funny! ha ha...Anyway. have fun and shit. (p.s - buy me heaps of stuff) ciao!