Sep 18, 2004

An update - and go the mighty Lions!

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been so long between updates. We've been on the road seeing more castles and ancient monuments like Hadrian's Wall. I tell you, Greg is way too keen on Hadrian's wall. We stopped at one preserved fort on a hill called 'Housesteads' and Greg went running around the ruins yelling 'The Romans were so cool! Look at their toilet system!' (Mind you, it still wasn't as good as those Cardiff bogs!)

We're in Scotland now at Debbie and Julie's place. We're about to head off with Debbie's boyfriend Eoghann to his parents place up north. Then we're heading to the Orkney Islands, where I plan to slowly freeze to death!

Finally, Dad's been very good and sending me texts during the Lions/Cats game. Well done boys! I'm wearing my Lions scarf now - let's wallop the Power and go premiership number four!

Love to all, Nats!


  1. GO THE LIONS!!!

    ha ha...

    all good. whats doing nat. You suck. You better be buying me shit. let me know if u need more money to buy me stuff and ill wire it in.

    Have fun. Crazy kids


  2. Hi Natz and Greg - Hope you enjoyed the Orkneys - you should have taken your furs. Hey is it true that England had a pope named Hadrian - any connection with the wall. I see Sim still persists in asking for 'shit' - he got his assnmt finished and won a champ game of tennis at uni today so was happy. Getting close to AFL finals now - no doubt dad will keep you informed. Thanks to Debbie and Julie for looking after you. Take care now. mum