Oct 31, 2004


Hey hey!

Not 15 minutes ago I completed my very first bulletin on 4BC! Yay! And the best part is, it went very well for a first time.

It's quite a different set-up than over at the Emms...you have to count yourself in and out, and hit a network pulse button to release the regional stations. I think I managed it OK...and hey, I only get more practice from here on in!

Oh yeah, and the quick version of what happened with Premier Pete the second time around...

I went to the Wesley Hospital on Tuesday where he was opening a new heart unit. We had the media conference afterwards in the operation room. Bizarre! The Premier standing in front of a fake victim, I mean patient, and everything. He looked at me and asked if my equipment was working today. I laughed and said "I hope so!"

Afterwards I snuck out quickly to wait for a cab. I bought a Toblerone and stood outside the main entrance stuffing my face. There was a water fountain next to me so I bent down to have a sip. I stood up straight, and low and behold there was the Premier and his people strolling out the entry to his car. He looked at me as I wiped the water away from my mouth - chockers full of Toblerone! He got into the car and waved at me. I just smacked my head thinking, "He's going to remember me as the clumsy incompetent one". Oh well, I guess at least that's pretty memorable!

Anyway, tell your friends about my site here. I thought I might try and get it popular - with like, maybe three or four regular readers. Wow. Those are big figures. ;)

Cheers, Nat.


  1. I know there's a few people read your RSS Feed through Livejournal, as well:

    Cheers :)

  2. You're like an Aussie Bridget Jones! Good work.

  3. Hey, who's that anonymous person?

    I tell you, I'd like to be as thin as Bridget Jones. Fat my arse. (well, my arse is fat, but you know what I mean). ;)