Nov 13, 2004

A wacky week

Well, well!

It's been ages apparently since I wrote on this thing - my friend "Gwen" asked me if I had given up and I was so surprised someone was actually reading!

No, I haven't given up, I've just been busy. I've been working lots - which is good, it means lovely cash. Wednesday and Thursday was my weekend - my first two days off in a row in over three weeks. So I just crashed out at home and at the shops.

Work has been fun - last Sunday Lano and Woodley (comedians) came into 4BC for an interview. Colin Lane told me on air after my news update at 3:30pm that though he'd never met me, he loved me! I then said we should run away together, and there followed an amusing Perfect Match style date setup, with the 4BC jock interrupting, very confused, saying "What's going on here?!?!" Then Frank Woodley chimed in with "Can I come too?" It was very funny.

Greg and I then went and saw their show "The Island" at the QPAC Playhouse on Monday night. They were signing stuff afterwards so I went up to say hi. They recognised me, although didn't remember my name. I pretended to be really hurt that Colin had forgotten me so quickly. He then wrote on a flyer for me "Thanks Natalie - maybe a date next time". Very cute. Sad, I know, but cute for me!

My other celebrity encounter this week was totally out of the blue. I was at the Stamford Plaza Hotel at a press conference on Monday morning. As I left, I noticed a figure in black with a black hat having his photo taken. It was a very familiar image.

"That's Terry Pratchett!" I thought. And so it was!

I went out and introduced myself to the Courier-Mail journo who'd been interviewing him about his new book "Going Postal". He said he was struggling for questions! I introduced myself to Terry once the photographer was done. He was very nice. I told him of our current dilemma at the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

Greg's been pushing to direct a version of his book "The Truth", but the theatre's been hesitant, so I got Terry to sign a piece of paper hoping to sway their opinions. So now I have a piece of notepaper with "To the Brisbane Arts Theatre - Try "The Truth" - it really works!" and signed by the man himself. It was funny, because then Greg went to his book signing and he mentioned me.

However, I did fax the note to the theatre, and I think it may have worked. Huzzah!

Anyway, now it's Friday night and I'm working again. It's not too bad, because it's just on the hour. The half hourly updates on the weekend are a BITCH. I'm frantic from 12:30 to 6pm. My social life on Fridays is nought, but then, I never really went anywhere on Fridays anyway. ;)

I've also been watching a lot of "Xena: Warrior Princess". God, that show was damn cool. Damn cool. Lucy Lawless rocks. So does Bruce Campbell, who plays Autolycus, King of Thieves. He's so damn good. I hate the fact Joss Whedon gets all these fan boys kissing his arse for his musical Buffy episode, when Xena did it about 5 years earlier. Hmph. Xena deserves more credit for being truly truly funny.

All right, that's enough from me! Catch you in the future, Nat.

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