Jan 1, 2005

Roll in 2005

Hey all,

Man, I wrote that last post just after the disaster happened. There was no idea of the scale at that point. I remember writing my first story about the quake and tying it in with 12 months since Bam. Then about a half hour later another story came through on wires saying there'd been flash floods through Sri Lanka. I thought, "I wonder if that's anything to do with the quake? Nah, couldn't be, too far away". Apparently, and unfortunately, I was wrong.

The only heartening thing is the aid I pondered about in the last post has come through and then some. It's great to see so many people giving - at a time of year when most people are strapped for cash after Christmas etc.

Other things that have been happening - I am making some headway with all of the technical projects I have on. Most notably, video editing and so forth. Things are starting to slowly come together but I still need to learn how to edit properly!

New Year's tonight - we're going bowling. It should be a fun-a-rama!

Ciao for now - and for 2004 I guess! Here's hoping 2005 will be a corker!

Cheers, Natalie.

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