Feb 14, 2005

Knees Up


Yesterday, while washing my car, I buggered my knee.

Not fair. There I was doing something positive (the car hadn't been cleaned for about two months!), and I get a bunged joint for my trouble.

So I had to do "Miss Bosnia" last night with strapping on my knee so I could walk. Luckily the play is set in a war zone so a few bandages and bruises are justifiable. But I had to tone down my song-and-dance routine to make sure I didn't do any further damage. Which was a bugger because it's fun to really let go by the end of the song and start with the bad 80s moves!

Come along and see "Miss Bosnia", everyone! It's a really good laugh. Check out this review:


I've really been enjoying "Adventures in English", hosted by Melvin Bragg. It's on the SBS on Sunday nights. Bloody brilliant look at the way English has developed and changed and mutated as a language. Really fascinating stuff, with plenty of humour. Tonight they had the actor Amanda Root dressed up in Jane Austen-style costume reciting a list of early 18th century euphemisms for the, as Melvin put it, "male organ". I wish I'd written them down, I can only remember "mutton dagger", "pike of pleasure", and something about a judge in purple cap. Very funny. Not that I'm obsessed with male organs or anything. ;)

I'm also feeling fat. This knee means I can't exercise. I hate exercising, and yet I like it. Well, it's more that I feel better (and less guilty) when I do exercise. I might try lifting a few weights this evening. Maybe some pilates ab work will be OK.

Cheers for now, Natalie.

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  1. mother brown!

    that's why i never clean my car.... once they taste human blood....

    the fiend
    going for the sympathy vote.... tsk tsk.