Feb 5, 2005

She Spies

I've become slightly obsessed with a show on Channel 7 in the afternoons called "She Spies". It's about "three career criminals who been recruited by a secret government agency sworn to rid the world of peril". The girls are of course beautiful and deadly and super witty, cracking jokes about how they save the world on a weekly basis.

It's so cute. They make all sorts of pop culture references, and break the fourth wall really cleverly. It doesn't take itself too seriously, essentially mocking the whole spy genre. And it's so funny. Natasha Henstridge is in it.

It's a shame it's relegated to 3pm. It's would work well with the Buffy/Angel crowd I reckon. It's so CUTE!!! I can't stress enough how fantastic it is.

Meanwhile, the play "MISS BOSNIA", opens tomorrow night.

It's on until Sat 5 March, running Thurs, Fri and Sat nights through February. There's also a couple of matinees on Sundays.

Check out www.brisbane247.com/artstheatre for more info! Or call 3369 2344 for bookings etc.

Tickets are $22/$18. If you get a group of 10 or more, it's only $18 each. Also, Thursday 10 Feb is a special night - all tickets $15.

If you book, mention my name! There's some competition to see who can get the most people in. I might win something. I don't know what yet!

Cheers all, Natalie.


  1. i caught an episode of that today. i was... impressed but apalled.

    also, for the buffy/angel crowd, the head of the resort today was the vampire hunter who raised angels son.

    the fiend
    i stopped watching once i realised who he was....

  2. my penis is bigger than thee