Mar 8, 2005

Another post! And so soon!

Sorry, but I'm into my fourth wind...

...and just totally wired now.

The newsroom is starting to seriously believe I'm insane. ;)

But I had to point you in the direction of this article:,10117,12439218-13762,00.html

THE Iraq wing of al-Qaeda has launched an online publication to rally Muslims to
wage holy war against "infidel crusaders" in Iraq and other Islamic countries.

I just wonder what the front cover headlines would be:

"Jihad: Is Blowing Yourself Up with Seven Kilos of C4 Really What it's Cracked Up to Be?"

"77 Virgins in the Afterlife: Fact or Fiction?"

"Boulders and AK47s or 70s Shagpile? Osama bin Laden's Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Secret Mountain Cave Hideout"

"Infidel dogs! Abu Musab Al-Zarkawi blows his top about the US in Iraq"

"To Burqua or not to burqua: Your guide to dressing on a first date"

"George W. Bush swears Iraq is on the road to peace: Humour Column"

etc. etc.

All these jokes are just going to waste. Somebody read this darn journal. It's a freakin' masterpiece of comedy. At least the fiend is reading.

Yay for the fiend. He came to see my show too, so he gets extra special bonus Nat points. If you accumulate enough you get a free chocolate!

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