Mar 8, 2005

Sell outs and bad puns


We're currently celebrating 50 years of rock 'n' roll. Various rock experts have been commenting on WHY rock'n'roll was just so powerful - and they keep mentioning the rebellion factor. How all these teenagers broke out against their parents and embraced this spirited new music. It was the zeitgeist, etc.

Now I'm wondering just WHAT HAPPENED to that rebellious spirit. What happened was that the freaking Baby Boomers - the whole bally generation - SOLD OUT.

I haven't slept much in the past 72 hours...and the following rant came out of my mouth in the newsroom at approximately 8:20am today.

"Now they're just interested in their retirement plans - their golden nest eggs, their superannuation, their healthcare plans. I know you get cranky at the idea your Viagra may cost more....but I'm sorry, there are some things more important in life than a government-funded stiffy!"

Ahem. Some titters from the news hounds, and the compliment that I was bringing improv comedy into the newsroom.

On the bad pun front: Clean Up Australia Day people yesterday found a cremation urn containing some poor soul's ashes at Nudgee Beach in Brisbane.

My news director asked me to track down what happened to it. Says me: "I heard yesterday that they took it back to a funeral home. Apparently it had URN-ed a good rest".

God bless Walter Williams for laughing. ;)

Meanwhile I have some very mixed feelings about the conclusion of Miss Bosnia and the conspicious absence of many friends from the show. I understand it's childish to demand people come and that I need to let go. However, I don't think I should be ashamed of myself - in so far as I was so proud of the show and in particular my role, and I really wanted people to support it. I don't think it's entirely inappropriate to feel sad that some people don't come - and either offer no reasons, or very dodgy ones.

So thank you if you came to see my show. If you didn't - please understand that it meant a lot to me, and that I am somewhat disheartened by no shows. Think of all those car lifts I've given you home. (I've given most people car lifts home). So I'm going to re-affirm my policy of TRYING harder than ever to support other people's stuff. Whatever it is.

That means when I get upset by future no shows at future plays, I can stand in a better position of righteous judgement.

The rest of you who don't care can SOD OFF. ;)


P.S. Today is Rik Mayall's birthday. Huzzah! A quote:

"Always treat your kite... like you treat your woman."

"What do you mean you mean take her home at the weekend to meet your mother?"

"No. I mean get inside her five times a day and take her to heaven and back!"

-Blackadder Goes Forth "Private Plane". WOOF!

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