May 19, 2005

By the way....

There are two people who have my sympathies at the moment.....

The first is Kylie Minogue. While 11 000 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, a high profile case such as Kylie nevertheless comes as a shock to the system. Best of luck to the singing budgie (and all other breast cancer sufferers) as she begins treatment.

The second person to have my sympathies is the ever-wonderful Greg. The main reason for this is......well, see the picture below. ;) Since Mr Thornton and "North and South" took over my life one week ago, poor Greg has had to suffer the comparisons to the gorgeous Mr Thornton, aka Richard Armitage. But he should take heart knowing he is not alone. I've trawled a few fan sites and articles about this British actor - and there's been a fair few comments from ladies saying they haven't been paying as much attention to their families since they got their "North and South" DVD; and even a few husbands exclaiming "Richard Armitage has stolen my wife!"

But bless his stony cold black heart, Greg's halfway through the series as well. And even he admits it's not bad (although I think he still prefers Mr Darcy). So big love and sloppy kisses to the Wah (mostly because he hates that sort of stuff!). He's already got the wearing-black-and-being-angry thing down. Now if he can just get into wearing cravats, massive top hats, and staring out of windows...

;) Cheers to all, Natalie.


  1. interestingly enough, the picture does not turn up in the lj feed.

    ah yes, the long suffering wah. and all those who sail on her.

    the fiend
    who remembers north and south as a civil war miniseries.

  2. Hey fiend...

    Don't know why it doesn't turn up - I assume inter-journal animosity!

    Hope you can see it on - if that's not too many extra keys to punch in!

    Cheers, Natalie. ;)

  3. Bah! I stare out of windows like a champion!

    I'll see you at dawn with pistols drawn, Mr Thornton!

    Mr Darcy Forever!

  4. Hey fiend....

    I just tried looking at and I could see the photos. So I don't know what's happening there!

    Also ;) to the Wah. Wah is good, Wah is wise.

    THORNTON 4 EVA!!! Yo.