Jun 5, 2005

Approaching Warp Speed, Miss Hale.

I found out a week or so ago that there was a TV adaptation of "North and South" done way back in 1975.

Today I finally remembered to try to look up who was in it.

Found a basic cast list on imdb.com, and the only name I could regconise was:

Mr Thornton.......Patrick Stewart.

I'm sorry, what?!?!?!!?!?

But apparently it's true. CAPTAIN f***ing PICARD once played my favourite ever literary hero Mr Thornton. The subject of my most recent feminine heart flutters and expressive sighing (in the winning form of actor Richard Armitage, that is - see picture below).

This is just mind-boggling. I now need to find a picture of a young Patrick Stewart. He's a great actor, sure, but hey, this is Mr THORNTON we're talking about!!!! How could he pull it off?

I'm now trying to imagine him as Mr Thornton proposing to Margaret Hale...and all I can get is:

"Stardate 4769385-9.8. Captain's Log. I bid the Vulcan Miss Hale join me to embrace a new destiny. She rejected my offer of an hour together in the holodeck. I shall try waiting seven years."

Or something. I've never really watched Star Trek, so the gags don't come as quickly.

But still. Damn you Patrick Stewart! I must now watch the 2004 version of "North & South" even MORE to permanently impress Richard Armitage's aquiline features and broody demeanour on my conscious!!!

Greg's going to LOVE that. ;)


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