Dec 21, 2005

Christmas cheerios

So, yeah....the house thing didn't come through.

I had hesitated before finally meeting his offer - and then he decided to pull the house off the market altogether. Supposedly he had a teenage son who chucked a hissy fit and didn't want to move....whatever the "reason" the outcome is the same: no house for you!!

I was philosophical at first, then a bit down and angry at myself, but I think I'm coming full circle to be reasonably philosophical again. It's another experience, it didn't kill me, it didn't cost me any money, and hopefully it will give me a better insight for next time.

I am still looking - my fabulous buyers' agent Cheri is on the case again finding me stuff. At least now she has a really good idea of what I like and isn't going to bother with older style places that need a lot of renovation work. 'Cause let's face it, I'm no Jamie Durie. ;)

My plan had been to buy before Christmas/New Year and move out in January. That's obviously not going to happen now, which means a rethink of the plan. I will continue to look during January with something hopefully turning up. My other determination had been to get out and rent - which is still definitely on the cards should nothing turn up.

Things will all work out. They always do. Everyone keeps saying "It wasn't meant to be". That seems to be the big catchphrase with houses. It's odd. Especially since it's SUPPOSED to be a buyers' market. ;) I should just be able to walk in with my sweet sweet moola and MAKE it be!

Sweets! That's the other thing. I am going to try to lose weight by NOT EATING as much CRAP. I'm not making it a "New Year's Resolution" because I always break those. I'm just going to try to be more sensible. And as anyone who knows me will tell you, sensibility is not my strong suit!

Cheers and happy holidays to all!


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