Dec 8, 2005

Have Your Say

Seriously considering this....

Toowong townhouse

...obviously you can't get a really good idea because there's not that many photos, but any comments or opinions are welcome.

It's a bit ex-ier than what I wanted, but it's a great location and pretty much has everything on the "what I want" list. It's not perfect, the upstairs is a tad on the small side, but it's better than a lot I've seen. And it has no body corporate - big big plus.

Please post!

Cheers, Natalie.


  1. Pretty, but small for a 3 bedroomer.

    Also tough to tell from the lack of pictures but worth checking out, that's for sure!

  2. Hey Gwen...

    Yeah, it is smaller than some townhouses I've seen. However it's also nicely designed with some good space saving ideas. The second bedroom is small but liveable - the third I'd probably make the study.

    It's odd - when I'm in smaller places I think I want more spaces, and when I look at bigger houses etc I always think "What am I going to do rambling about alone in this place?" It's funny. I guess I'm looking for a perfect fit. Like Cinderella, but with a house instead of shoes. Although shoes that fit would also be good. ;)

    Anyway I've been to see it twice and really like it, and am thinking of putting in an offer. But I'm keen to know people's opinions!

    Thanks, Nat

  3. Hi Nat. Forget seeking approval from significant or other wise others. It becomes a perfect fit when you want it to be.