Feb 12, 2006

T minus Four Houses and counting...

It's been an odd week. Quite a downer, if you were to look at it solely on a "good/bad" comparison. But surprisingly, I've emerged (I think) pretty well. A former me could have become very blue after recent events, so I'm quite proud of myself. It's always the small victories.

I should say first of all that on Friday 10 February, Mum and I went out to Albany Creek to spread Mollie's ashes. It was spooky, as it was a week almost to the minute when the terrible accident occurred. We'd received Mollie's ashes from the Pet Cemetery on Thursday morning. We drove to Cash's Crossing, the bridge that connects Albany Creek to Eatons Hill and beyond. The Pine River used to run strongly through there, but has turned somewhat stagnant in the years since it was partially damned in order to build a second bridge.

We managed to find a little running stream, and I stood barefoot in the water and scattered Mollie's ashes there. The cats had spent the first 14 years of their lives at Albany Creek, running around the bush, doing what cats do. It seemed the fitting place to leave Mollie's remains; forever a part of the bush. Although she didn't much like water; I wonder what she thinks about that?

I've been crying a fair bit this past week over her death. It was so traumatic; I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I still expect to see Mollie everywhere, but my crying has amazingly been restricted to when I'm alone. People have also been very understanding and supportive, and that's been great. I think my mother is quite possibly a saint; after having to have various tetanus shots after Mollie bit her, having to deal with a distraught daughter as well as her own grief - she's still standing. I think she keeps a lot of it in though; she's working through it the best way she knows how - wine and pokies. At least she's had some wins. ;)

The other news this week is that I am now up to FOUR, count 'em FOUR, houses. Rejected ones I mean. FOUR contracts I've put in, four times I've been rejected. Before you think I'm angry; I'm really not. It's frustrating, but it's at the stage where I just want to reach double digits. "She's the girl who despite having the money couldn't buy a house on her first 17 tries!!!"

I seem to be attracted to houses owned by bastards. The sellers I've dealt with have all been greedy, in my opinion. Of course, I understand, when you're selling you want to get the best price. But it's not the boom time anymore. You can't get half a mil for your $380K place anymore. Get over it! Sell to me, damn you!!

But I'll keep pushing on. Everyone says with real estate "it was meant to be". Quite frankly, the fact that so many people approach a huge financial commitment with such a hippy, floaty, lovey-dovey ideology is a bit freaky. "Oh, I was MEANT to have the house I can't afford", or "Oh, I was MEANT to have this shithole". And after all, it's in the hands of greedy sellers!!! There's no cosmic force acting here, guiding me to the perfect house at the perfect price. It's just a bit of preparation, a lot of B.S. and plenty of crossing fingers.

So these twin happenings could have quite easily dragged me under this week. But I'm relatively OK. I have some good people around me. I'm going to have to pay them back in some way. ;)

Hopefully by the next time I post I'll have better news on the home front!

Cheers, Natalie.

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  1. Difficulty is always peculiarly our own. In opening it to others, we are encouraged to see it through. Practically and emotionally. You are one hell of a woman and I admire you.