Mar 6, 2006


Ah well, I always knew it was a long shot. But the experience has confirmed my hatred of "old guys with money". Damn baby boomers, they have all the cash and can just wander in and blow your offer away.

For those not up to speed, yes I went to another auction on Saturday. The townhouse was white, freehold, lovely, very liveable. But apparently not affordable. ;)

I'm working on writing a piece about my experiences so far with real estate - it's just in my head at the moment, but rest assured the words "grubby", "greedy" and "demoralising" get a fair workout. I'm also cementing in my previously expressed views that the real estate industry hides its seedy side with a veil of mysticism - which everyone accepts despite its obvious idiocy. Destiny, fate, vibes, "you'll know it when you see it" are all words and phrases commonly batted around by agents, sellers, buyers, men on the street, women in the pub - everyone just accepts them.

The reality is simpler - got cash, get house. That's all there is to it baby.

I've walked into numerous houses where I've thought "You know, I could live here". Why else would I put god-damn offers on them? Yes I blew a few things, I got nervous, I got cocky....but at the end of the day, I didn't have the cash.

Well, lookie there. I've started crapping on already. Should be able to form that into some sort of coherent thesis at some point.

For now, gentle reader/s, go enjoy your Monday night's Oscar viewing. Ridicule the below-par fashions and work on your own Oscar speech. Mine changes every year! ;)



  1. Double bugger and am sorry to learn you are travelling an arduous, tortured path to casa nova. And if you haven't already done so, read 'In Cold Blood'. That will cheer you up no end. ;-).

  2. greetings fair maid. Yes kat_in_a_hat on live journal is none other than I, Kat, from Arts Theatre, your favourite werewolf body double and general children's entertainer!! Haha! I have been discovered! And thus, so have you! Double HAHA!

    Now I don't actually have your email, but mine's feel free to email away random quips and quotes and funny things.

    As to the theatre, hmmmm not a lot on the gossip front. "Speaking in Tongues" aka Lantana opened last saturday to a small crowd with luke warm responses. I may be a harsh critic but I have a vendetta against the director - nuff said.

    "X-Stacy" is the early week which opened wednesday, directed by Susan O'Toole who has just popped out a gorgeous son. And the shows really good too from reports so good news all round.

    I'm currently working the kid's show "Green Wizard" and AD for "Oliver" (god help us all!)

    And there is much interest being spread about Equus, Greg might like to know.

    And fewer and fewer familiars are interested in Sally's pratchett.

    That's about it on the gossip front - see you aren't missing much! Meanwhile what have you gotten yourself up to?