Mar 22, 2006

Double bugger.

I just wrote a heartfelt but ultimately postive post about my latest adventure in real estate.

Then Blogger buggered up and thanks to a "system error", didn't post it.

To paraphrase Tourism Australia: BLOODY HELL.

So I lost out on house #6, which is a real shame, as it was really lovely.

I missed out, I missed out - I can't get too angry about that as it came down to simple economics. I offered everything I had but in the end the seller decided to hold out for 15-20K more.

What I AM peeved off about is that they had my offer in writing for EIGHT days before finally informing me it wouldn' t be enough. They could have saved me almost a week of waiting and worrying by simply showing me, the buyer, some respect and telling me 5 or 6 days ago that "Sorry, it's not going to be enough. We don't want to waste any more of your time". I feel now that they kept me hanging on until they got the second (higher) offer yesterday that allowed them to just throw mine on the dustheap like so many Jessica Simpson albums.

As you might be able to tell - this experience isn't doing much to improve my opinion of sellers or the agents representing them. And as for being a buyers' market - bah.

I'm trying to keep some perspective on all things by remembering:

1) Cyclone Larry has left thousands of north Queenslanders with nothing save a long hard road of re-building ahead. I wish them all the best and applaud their spirit and bravery.

2)While cleaning out my wallet, I found a small affirmation given to me by the Wah some time ago. It reminded me I've had far greater problems in my life that I've overcome, and therefore nothing is insurmountable.

But still, it's hard to avoid the sense of disappointment with every contract rejected. Because I AM looking for a home, a place of my own, every offer represents a bit of hope and excitement. I just need some time after each rejection to pick myself up again. I'm keen to ring the agents of this latest place and express my disappointment at how I've been treated - and I think I could do it without being emotional. But we'll see.

In the meantime, I wish for a long holiday in far off climes. But that's a daily longing, really. ;)

Cheers all, Natalie.


  1. Random blog post. :) I'm new and just searching through some blogs, so I thought I would say "Hi!" I saw that you were a journalist. I'm in college right now working towards my degree in Journalism. What do you do? Do you like it? *sorry for the interrogation from a stranger*
    *p.s. - i LOVE that you say "bugger"

  2. Hello there Christi,

    Nice to "meet" you. (How do you actually meet people on the internet anyway?)

    It's quite especially amazing that you found me here, considering I actually don't post much about journalism at all really! ;)

    In brief - I work in radio, writing and reading news for an AM talkback station. I also have a weekly film/theatre review segment on one of the programs, which allows me to indulge my creative side!

    Generally work is fun. Sometimes it can be a bit repetitive, and it's hard when it's a slow news day! The best thing about the job is variety - but it's also the worst thing. I don't have regular, set hours. They change week to week, and it makes it very difficult to get into a routine, or to plan ahead. I also find I eat a crapload of junk food, although it's possible that's not ENTIRELY the journalism's fault. ;)

    Despite being on blogger for over a year I don't actually know how you mark people as your friends or whatever, but if you know, I'd be happy to be your "Oar-see" friend. (That's how I remember Americans pronoucing it anyway!) However I reserve the democratic right to slag your country off. ;) Good luck in your own degree, and if I can lend an Antipodean hand in any way, let me know!

    Cheers, Natalie.

    P.S. "Bugger" is one of my favourite words. Very evocative. I'm also a fan of of "bollocks", and I use both of them probably too much!