May 16, 2006

Change is in the air(waves)

Greg, Natalie, Simon & Toby (January 2005)

Tomorrow my little brother Simon (above in the pink pimp vest) flies off to England to meet up with his best mate Toby (the one wearing the pool). It's a wonderful opportunity for him to see more of the world, and I'm very excited for him. But of course, I'm a bit sad to see him go.

You see, my brother's gone away before - he studied at the merchant naval college in Tasmania and went to sea for a year. But this time it's a bit different. Simon has grown from a persnickety teenager into a fine young man who I actually enjoy spending time with. ;) I'm going to miss his company. We spent a really great day together just walking around the city one last time - I spent a whole lot of dollars to get not-that-many pounds for him, picked him up a book, that sort of thing. It's those nice things that make you glad you're related to someone.

However, as there are travel plans afoot, it shouldn't be too long before I see my little bro again. But for now I will avoid the airport, as I will no doubt be a blubbering mess!

Other news from today is that my boss has resigned. Very sudden and very spooky! He got a job offer last week and decided to take it. Full on. I thought it was sweet that first Greg, then Simon, then Dad told me I should apply for the News Director job. They all have a lot more confidence in me than I do! ;) But considering I've only been there for a year-and-a-half, am second-bottom on the ladder, and am NOT a 40+ male - chances of me getting that job are less than chances of Peter Costello not looking smug in the media this week.

But it will have a flow-on effect to me in some ways - it's just way too early at this stage to know. Let's hope it's all good!

Cheers, Natalie.

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