Apr 28, 2006

Photos and Diets

Sunday's wedding went well. In my experience, you never spend much time with the bride and groom at all on the big day. It's just more of a sanctioned booze-up with nicely-dressed friends. Which I really have no problem with. ;)

My girlfriends and I have begun a tradition of taking "wacky" posed photos of ourselves while the happy couple is off having their official shots done. We first did it at Clare's wedding in 2002, and repeated again this past Sunday. Another friend, Jax, is getting married next February, so then it will officially be a tradition!

And I finally worked out that I have a functioning Yahoo Photos account. It's actually pretty damn good - even if they only offer 6 themed album backgrounds, three of which are for babies. Yuck. So I managed to upload the wedding photos - after which I decided I should upload the hens weekend snaps, and hey, all those photos from our 2004 trip! Yahoo gives unlimited storage too, so finally I'm able to get off my arse and display organised and labelled online photo albums. Huzzah!

But if you want to have a squiz, they're located here. I'll continue adding photos and details over time.

I'm also thinking about going on this diet. I want to use the month of May to lose weight, as I've hit ridiculous stage, what with all those Easter eggs. There are pros and cons to this diet - it's fast, reasonably simple to follow, and relatively cheap. However it's a big shock to the system - and I can only have carrots three times a week! I love carrots! I need something severe to stick to, otherwise I'll just cheat. But I worry once I finish I'll just stack it on again.

I just know I have to do something. I can't just "phase out" some foods, as I don't have the willpower. ;)

Today also marks 10 years since the Port Arthur massacre. In fact, as I write this, it's just gone 1:30pm, the time when Martin Bryant walked into the Broad Arrow Cafe and began shooting.

I have some thoughts and theories about that terrible day and how it is 10 years on, but I can't quite crystallise them. But the Wah and I went to Port Arthur in January, and .... well, it's an amazing place. And part of what makes it so wondrous is that this terrible, terrible thing happened there, but they're still going. They're still running tours, maintaining historical sites, walking the grounds. People who were working there on the day are still there. I would be on the other side of the planet by now. And while I can understand why they want to move on - have one last public acknowledgement of the crime, then banish it from thought - I think it should serve as an example of human strength and endurance.

But then I am a bit morbid.

Anyway, I've crapped on a lot now. Cheers, Natalie.


  1. We've been doing Lite'n'Easy... loses me about 1kg a week, highly recommend it the food is fantastic and it's so sodding easy. And the food is so plentiful and contains enough sweets that you're not tempted to snack outside the diet.

  2. Hey, thanks Amaya!

    I actually had investigated Lite 'n' Easy for that very reason and it looks good. I still might revisit it.

    However as it turns out, part of my brother's degree in Leisure Management involved him learning about diets, weightloss etc. Fancy that! So he's going to set me up with a meal and exercise plan, (including a protein shake thing) and do it with me for the few weeks remaining until he leaves for the U.K. After that my resolve may weaken, so that might be when Lite 'N' Easy becomes the best option!

    I hope you can have a look at some of the photos of the Wah. He's very photogenic, even if he is a bit girly paranoid about his looks. ;)

    Cheers, Nat.