Jun 19, 2006

The News Hounds

Last Friday night saw most of the newsroom assemble for a farewell dinner for The Spez, our news director for the last two years. It was such a fun night, and endeared my colleagues to me even more than they already were. In that spirit, I wish to write a few words about each of them, fairly confident they'll never read them, but as a way of quietly thanking them for the positive influence they've had on my life.

G-Watt: The strait-laced, no-nonsense exterior hides a devilishly wicked sense of humour. The ultimate professional, G's a trailblazer, and someone in whose wake I will gladly paddle.

Jazz-man: Such a beauty, with her hippie ways and easy smile. I can't but help feeling relaxed around her - she oozes positivity and fun, but is efficient and always does anything you ask.

Waldo: the original news hound. I thought him abrasive when I first started, but it's just a healthy dose of cynicism after so many years in the "biz". It's a cliche, but I've learnt so much.

Big W: A big man with a bigger voice, W surprised me with a love of British comedy that rivals my own. He's the sweetest guy, and I wish him all the best with his current upskilling.

Bulldog: The brash exterior hides a sensitive soul, and I empathise with his desire to feel involved and appreciated. His varied and entertaining voice reports have inspired me to try different things with mine.

Mr T: A surrogate "Dad" at work, T is old school radio. He doesn't take any of my whingy Gen-Y crap, and I'm all the better for it. It's been a privilege to get to work with and learn from one of the "legends" of Brisbane radio, even if he himself thinks all that stuff is bollocks. ;)

And finally, Spez himself: How can I ever say how grateful I am to the Spez? He hired me, gave me a full-time position, understood and even encouraged my need to be creative, supported me through tough times, gave me feedback, taught me about soccer (even if I didn't quite get it) - all the while remaining the calmest, most tolerant boss I've known. For all this and more, Spez makes my list of people to thank when I win an Oscar. ;)

There are many wonderful others at the station, and I will no doubt gush over them at a later date. But for now, this has been my little newsroom tribute. I look forward to adding compliments about my new boss to the list.

Cheers all, Natalie.


  1. Come over for a visit via Comic Mummy. Yet another Brizvegas resident :) .

  2. Aha, that's me, just spreading the love.

    Nat (I hope you don't mind if I abbreviate, that's a dreadful habit of mine), you should tell your colleagues about your blog! I'm sure they'd love to coat themselves in warm fuzzies by reading what you wrote. With people as lovely and inspiring as that, I almost wish I had a proper work-place!

  3. Hi there all!

    Wow, I feel loved. Huggies, I love your icon. Stewie is my personal Saviour. ;)

    And Jen, I don't mind abbreviations if you don't! Most people call me Nat or Nats. Well, unless they want to insult me, in which case there's a whole world of other names. And as for my Dad's collection of bizarre nicknames...well..best left unsaid, I think.

    Unfortunately I reckon my work colleagues (especially the older, gruffer ones) would think my blog is a bit of a wank. I mean, I personally think it's a bit of a wank. ;)

    But there's no harm in sending out the positive vibes unknown - maybe they'll scratch a win on a scratchie or something because of it!

    Cheers, Nat.

  4. I will make sure to come and visit some more.

  5. Oh, there's no doubt! Between porno and blogging, the internet has pretty much got wankery covered.

    But I dunno...while I do feel like a tosser on occasion, I have never felt dirty after blogging. Yet. ;-)

  6. I remember Mr T. from his days at Triple M.

    I think that is who you are talking about here.

  7. Hey Huggies,

    You are indeed correct! That is indeed the very same Mr T, a "legend" of Brisbane radio and a Goldies Hall of Fame-er.

    He's a great bloke, if frustrating at times (a different generation and all that). He loves nothing more than taking the piss out of me at any opportunity!