Jun 15, 2006

What time is it?

Thursday. 7:00am. Alarm. Snooze.

Thursday. 9:30am. Phone rings. Alarm.

It's a very sensible thing to do, isn't it, on the second day of having a new boss in the newsroom: accidentally sleep in, to be woken only by a phone call reminding you you should have started work an hour earlier. Cue a re-enactment of Hugh Grant's "F***!" scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral. In a sprint of Olympic skill, I managed to get to work by 10:10am. All I could say to my exiting boss was "Well at least you know I didn't plan this".

Ah, well. At least my new boss Chris will have a relatively good idea from the start that I have occasional mishaps with time. I am Time Clumsy. It's times like these I really need a TARDIS. I enjoy my job, and have often said the variety in shifts is the best thing about it. It's also the worst, as it's very hard to get into a routine. My sleep cycles are all up the wah-zoo. Last night I went to sleep at around 2am, after only having five hours the night before, but a good eleven hours the night before that. And I'm bad at going to sleep. I try to stay up and do things so I feel like I've been productive with my day. Then I just end up lying in bed for ages, trying to convince myself to nod off.

Blessed are my workmates though, because they had a perfect right to have a go at me, but didn't.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely June so far. I've got some new reviews up at www.nataliereviews.blogspot.com, so go check it out. Cheers, Natalie.


  1. Get a second job as an alcoholic. That way you can road test various fine liquers, and they'll help you sleep!