Jul 24, 2006

I sold my soul on eBay

Or should that be "I sold my soul TO eBay"?

It's much of a muchness anyway. The point is - I've just listed my first ever item for sale on eBay. After talking about it for so long, I've finally done it. I've become an eBay seller.

And may I say, what a job it was! I'm exhausted! I wanted to list a few more things, but it's rapidly approaching 2:30am, and I need sleeeeeep. It's taken me virtually 2 hours to list one item. Granted, I had to work out payment details etc, upload some photos (I have a sneaking suspicion I uploaded the giant huge 5meg ones instead of the small versions I resized especially. Oh well), and work out what to charge for postage (when was the last time I sent a parcel?!?) - but still, that was a long time.

So, dear readers, if anyone is looking to buy a decent point-and-shoot digital camera, please take a look at my sexy red Sony Cybershot. Help me make my first online sale a good 'un!

Cheers all, Natalie.

EDIT: It's now Tuesday, and I've listed a whole lot more stuff on eBay. So if you're looking for a Homedics massage mat, or an Olga Berg or Fiorelli handbag, or maybe a James Bond role-playing or board game, please check out my listings!


  1. Congratulations!! You are a better woman than I.

    My sister just sold her CAR on ebay- I couldnt believe it, but she got a REALLY good price for it. I watched the last 15 min of the auction from here, and it was so exciting! Jumped another $5000 in the last 10 minutes.

    But me, I tend to be an old fashioned kinda girl. I wish I was more adventurous with ebay though... perhaps in time.

  2. Hey Louise,

    Apparently I've already got one bidder on the camera, so I'm pretty excited. Although I'd love to get more bidders, and hike up the price a bit!

    But now that I've started, I think I could quite easily become an eBay addict. As it is, I've been sniffing round the house looking for stuff to flog!

    Oh, yes, and finally my Crocs arrived! Light blue, size 9. They feel weird, but I went for a bit of a jog and they're lovely and springy. I think I'm going to get very used to them. I'm glad I bought the original crocs - ever since you suggested them to me I've seen knock-offs all over the place. Three versions and counting!

    Cheers, Nat.

  3. Beware of Ebay! I still haven't crossed the line and sold anything, though I've also been talking about it for a long time, but I've become a buying addict. My dad's worse, though. He bought a plane on Ebay. Yes, a plane!

    Great blog. :-)