Jul 21, 2006

Giggles ahoy

Ahhhhh....the guys at The Chaser rock. Hard.

Last Friday Chas Licciardello was arrested for selling fake knives and knuckledusters outside a Bulldogs rugby league match as part of a sketch. I ran the story a few times last Saturday morning, fourth or fifth story in my bulletin, because I thought it was a great gag, but nothing worth getting steamed about. I feel bad for a journo at our Sydney station though, as after leading with stories about Lebanon for several hours, she decided to lead with the arrest as something different.

Of course, what happens this evening? The Chaser use that very bulletin to point out how odd it was that Chas' arrest was more important than the Middle East crisis. ;)

Mind you, Alan Jones cops more from The Chaser lads than our blokes. Deservedly so too, from what I can tell. There's so many audio slices of Jones swearing and generally behaving abominably - I find it hard to comprehend why people still like him.

Anyway, it's all made a very dull Friday night in the newsroom rather fun. That and the pizza and chocolate cake. So many bad food habits!


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