Jul 4, 2006

New toy

Ah-ha! Behold, my new toy:

Well, ok, that doesn't make much sense. It's not really what the picture is of - it's what took the picture!

Camera! Bwah-hah!

The Panasonic DMC-TZ1 to be exact. Just got it today - one of a range of purchases necessary before the big trip. It's only 5 megapixels (my last was 3.2), but it has a 10x zoom, and it's still a compact digital. I've ordered an extra battery from an eBay seller, now I've just got to get a case - and a memory card. Thinking of going the big 2gb - figured I might as well have lots of room as I'm not sure when we'll get time to download etc!

I took the picture of our tv, currently screening Family Guy on DVD. I reckon it's quite clear - and quick too, to get the clarity. In some other shots the camera's captured one frame melding into the next one. Still, not bad, especially considering I've yet to open the instruction book. That's next. I also took this one:

It's a shot of the back of my blanket. Wow, what an exciting life I lead. ;)

What else has been happening? Well, I've bought my backpack and warm fleece, organised visas and paid off most of the tours. There's some upfront costs still to be paid before we go, and no doubt there will be other expenses that pop up. July and August are normally my expense months - car insurance, rego etc all come up at this time of year. Also, the apartment settles this Friday, so no doubt there will be costs associated with that. I've taken out contents/landlords' insurance; but you'll be pleased to know I've decided to "bone" (as Eddie McGuire would say) life & trauma insurance. My reasoning is thus: if I die, I won't really care what happens; my chances of being diagnosed with cancer or heart disease at my age in the next 6 months are statistically slim (touch wood); and if I get sick or injured overseas travel insurance will cover it. And I can't get income protection insurance anyway, as I'm voluntarily giving up my job. I'll look at life & trauma later on - with no current dependants to worry about, it just seems like $300 that could be better spent on a good jacket to keep me warm and vaccines to keep me immunised. ;)

Finally, I just want to say: Doctor. Who. Rocks. Hard. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but people, the second series starts this Saturday on the ABC. Watch it. It's muchos fun, and David Tennant is just so gosh-darn-adorable. Greg and I watched the penultimate episode yesterday and both cheered and roared at the denouement (even though we both had an inkling it was coming).

Wow, an exhaustive update. More shots from the camera once I read the instruction book!