Oct 17, 2006

Pics of St Pete's

The stately Winter Palace, home to the Hermitage, one of the four most important museums in the world (the others being the Louvre, and two other places I can't remember right now).

Greg took this shot of the Archangel Gabriel, which stands atop a column outside the Winter Palace. Just a great shot, and look at that beautiful blue sky!

Every nice girl loves a sailor, and St Petersburg has a big naval school. These guys were reasonably OK with having their picture taken, but I was wary of kissing the bloke on the cheek as Greg had requested!

Running through sprinklers at the Peterhof Gardens, Peter the Great's Versailles-like retreat about 40 minutes outside St Pete's. They tell the kids that certain rocks trigger the sprinklers, but really there's a guy in a small box hidden behind some shrubs who soaks whom he likes!

The last official night of our 'Vodkatrain' tour. Our irrepressible quintet is celebrating at 'Manep', Russian for 'The Chateau', a gorgeous restaurant cum jazz lounge. Karen, Phil and Andrew are in front - miss you guys still!

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