Oct 12, 2006

Wedding countdown

Hey all,

Just letting you know it will be a few days before I post again - we're heading up to Inverness today ahead of Debbie and Eoghann's wedding on Saturday.

Unfortunately I have been struck down with the sorest of sore throats I have ever experienced - I've been downing cold & flu tablets and sucking Strepsils but nothing seems to help. I wince every time I swallow. Funnily, it's the right side of my throat only, and my right ear is also sore. I know the whole ear, nose and throat area is connected - if there are any doctors reading, a diagnosis would be great!!

Cheers for now, Natalie.


  1. Go swallow some fresh salt water

  2. Hi Nats,
    I hope you had a very happy birthday on Friday! Hope your throat gets better too. BJS