Dec 23, 2006

By the way, Merry Christmas

Have written loads below, but just in case I don't get near a computer again until the Big Day, I hope everyone who reads has a fabulously fattening and fun-filled festive Christmas.

I hope you don't get one of these:

Seriously, Little Drummer Rabbit was for sale in a shop in Toledo, Spain. Don't even ask me why.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Greetings of the season my peripatetic friends! Hope after all this travel you remember the way home, we miss you :-( Love Carol & Amanda

  2. Hey guys!!!

    Great to hear from you! Hope you've had a great Chrissie too - look forward to seeing you in 2007. Any chance of you being in Brisbane in January or February? I'll be having my housewarming at some point and you really SHOULD be there. Otherwise you're welcome at any time to visit!

    Much love, Nat.