Dec 12, 2006

Can't talk....busy....

Hey all,

All those promises to update you on various London shenanigans...and I never did. Shocking behaviour, really, useless.

Anyway, the reason is for the past four days Greg and I have been holed up in impro heaven - ie, staying with our good friends Deborah and Tom - founders and geniuses behind The Spontaneity Shop - in Camden Town. These are two of the best people I've ever met - they are always so funny, so friendly, so positive and so inspiring. I wish I could pop over to London more frequently just to see them and their fab impro shows!

More details when I've got time - rushing to pack in order to get out to Stansted and catch a flight to Krakow. But it's been lovely here in London despite the cold - trading stories with people who live and work here in the creative industries makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside.

Oh yeah, and final fun fact. Deb and Tom are currently letting a good actor friend stay with them while his flat is being renovated. His name is Tobias Menzies, and he was in 'Casino Royale' as M's secretary!!! Eeee! I met him last night (he'd been away filming all weekend),but I was too nervous to be all geeky and ask about the film. However Deborah had told me that he'd spent much of his time off while filming in Prague going out to concerts with Dame Judi Dench!

Anyway, must love and leave London - and we won't be coming back here again this trip! But London is truly one of my favourite places despite the hideous expense, and I'm bound to be back sooner or later!


  1. Still enjoying your travels, enjoy Krakow. Have a wonderful Xmas.. MIL

  2. You naughty girl you!!

    Only joking :) .

    I wonder if your ever coming back to Brisbane.

  3. I know you posted this entry in Dec. '06, but I'm a member of a group that are big fans of Tobias Menzies and was wondering if I could hear more about your encounter with him. I know the group would love to hear more about it.
    If you get the chance my email address is: